by | Jun 2, 2023

ABM Strategy: Hunting Down Success, One Bear-sized Account at a Time

In the wild world of marketing, there’s a tactic that’s been roaring through the industry, capturing the attention of companies big and small—Account-Based Marketing (or ABM for short). It’s a strategy that has proven to be as fierce as a grizzly bear (pun intended!) when it comes to driving targeted results. Stick around, sit by the fire with us, and we’ll take a walk through the ABM forest, exploring its unique approach and comparing it to other marketing strategies like cold calling (or cold emailing), and inbound marketing.


What is ABM, and How Does it Differ?

Imagine you’re a hunter trying to catch a specific type of bear (your dream customer). Instead of blindly wandering through the woods, hoping to stumble upon one, ABM allows you to set your sights and crosshairs on a specific bear den and launch a well-aimed campaign. ABM is all about identifying high-value accounts, tailoring personalized marketing efforts, and building relationships with key decision-makers within those accounts.

ABM vs. Cold Calling: Breaking the Ice with Precision

Cold calling or cold emailing is like fishing in a bear-infested river without bait—tedious and often fruitless. It might catch their attention, but it’s unlikely to leave a lasting impression or produce consistent results. You play the volume game to achieve the desired goals.

With ABM, you take a different approach. Instead of making random calls to an ocean of leads, you target a specific group of accounts, nurture relationships, and hunt down key contacts within those organizations. ABM is all about quality over quantity, ensuring that your efforts are focused on the right prospects, just like a bear’s laser-sharp focus when it spots a salmon. Account-based marketing takes a more strategic approach. By personalizing your messages and tailoring them to the unique needs, challenges and pain points of each target account, you can truly establish a meaningful connection.


ABM vs. Inbound Marketing: The Battle for Attention

Equally valuable in the marketing spectrum, Inbound Marketing is a more passive way to ‘hunt’, like setting up a honey trap for bears. It relies on consistency, on the quality of the ‘bait’ as you wait patiently for them to come to you. While this approach can be effective, it is indeed a proven way to acquire leads and grow your business, it may not always reach the specific accounts you’re after. ABM, however, is like donning a bear costume and going straight to the bear’s den. You actively seek out the accounts that align with your ideal customer profile or personas, customizing your content and messaging to resonate with their particular needs. It’s like offering the perfect combination of honey and fresh berries—impossible to resist!



The ABM Bear Necessities: Steps to Success

Now that we’ve explored the unique qualities of ABM, which steps do you need to take to implement a successful ABM strategy?


Identify High-Value Accounts

Just as a bear scours the forest for the juiciest berries, you need to identify the accounts that hold the most potential for your business. Look for organizations that align with your target customer profile and have the greatest likelihood of converting into long-term partnerships.


Understand Their Needs

Like a bear studies the movement patterns of its prey, take the time to understand the pain points, challenges, and goals of your target accounts. This will allow you to craft personalized messaging that resonates with their unique requirements.

Tailor Your Content

Develop a variety of content assets—blogs, case studies, whitepapers, and webinars—that address the specific needs of your target accounts. Be the bear that provides the honey these accounts are searching for, positioning yourself as a trusted advisor and solution provider.

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