by | Mar 7, 2023

5 Reasons Why You Should Plan Your Website Like a First Date

Whether you’re using WordPress or just relying on your raw coding skills to build your website, there are a few basic rules you should follow to make sure your website will be a successful one. Just like going out on a date for the first time, you need to nail it and leave a great impression. It’s all about getting the right chemistry. Don’t believe me? Check out these great five tips to get it right!


1. Don’t be pushy.

Picture this: first time meeting, fancy dinner at a nice restaurant, 20 minutes into the conversation and your date starts talking about marriage, kids or taking you for a meet the parents Sunday lunch. That’s a definite big pushy red flag. Websites shouldn’t do that either! Who hasn’t ever landed on a web page and immediately got harassed with pushy pop-ups? Borderline, being bullied to sign up for a newsletter you don’t need, or download some pointless PDF you will never read. Nobody likes that, so just avoid doing that. If you’re pushy, surely your date won’t invite you over for a nightcap.

2. Know how to listen.

You know what? It’s not all about you! Stop talking and start listening! Nobody likes to go out with someone so self-absorbed, egocentric, yapping all night about his/her life. Guess what, websites follow the same rule! The challenge is to put your website into “listen” mode. Instead of talking mainly about you, try showcasing your products and services in a way to make your client the shining star of your show.


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3. Dress accordingly.

Appearance and physical attraction matters. Especially on a first date. The first impression sets the tone for the whole evening. Choosing the right clothes is usually a headache and trying to figure out what will work or not. Likewise, a website needs to be visually appealing, with the proper design and style that fit the context of your business. Whether you go for a suit-and-tie or a classic little black dress, make sure your web page is dressed-up for the occasion!


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4. Be interesting.

So… you got the right outfit and you feel like a million bucks. Across the table, your date is smiling from ear to ear, obviously attracted to you. But it’s the content of your chit-chat that will make or break your evening. Nobody likes those unbearable empty conversations and awkward silences. Same applies to websites – be clear about what you have to offer. Like Donald Miller, author of the bestseller, Building a Storybrand and CEO of StoryBrand, he says, “If you confuse, you’ll lose.”. Make sure you’re crystal clear about what makes you special and different from your competition.

If you confuse, you’ll lose

Donald Miller, CEO of StoryBrand


5. Don’t jump the gun.

The date is almost over. The physical attraction is there. There’s that electric buzz in the air and the chemistry between you two is palpable. Yet, you go for a kiss and end up blowing your chances because it was way too soon. Websites make the same mistake often as well and try too hard too quick to “force” the sale. Let it happen naturally. Or try to grab the lead and nurture it over time, using inbound marketing. Sometimes the client needs to be wooed and seduced. Let the client get to know you better on a second date, before going “steady”. After all, converting a sale on a website isn’t like Tinder. Make sure you are available for engagement but don’t propose on the first date.


Bottom line, next time you think about redesigning your website, make sure you follow these basic rules and increase your chances of getting a call to plan your next “date”.

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